UKMQ Muddcast: Emily Red

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In this episode, you’ll find us talking to the unassuming but awesome, Emily Red. We talk about her journey to Worlds Toughest Mudder 2016 in Vegas, the power of red leaves, amongst other things :p

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Check out Emily’s guest blogging on

You can also follow Emily on Facebook at EmilyRedMQ

You can check out live updates while she, Corinne Luckie, and Harriet Burnett are out there on Tough Mudder Live starting at 7pm on Saturday 12th November.

Alternatively, you can see loads of WTM goodness via Mud Run Guide’s Facebook page leading up to and during WTM.

Also, check out Bodyform’s Red.Fit site on all things to do with your period – it’s some seriously interesting shiz!

*Music by The Dirty Moogs – Claus