UKMQ Muddcast: Let’s Talk Pregnancy

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Check out June’s Muddcast with two of our own Mudd Queens, Ginger Lacey and Francesca Chiorando!

Jojo and Ginger talk to Fran about her running Spartan while pregnant and how she’s adapted to her first pregnancy.



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Mud is My Makeup blogger: Mud is My Makeup

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Twitter: @FranChiorando

Instagram: @franchiorando



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2 Responses


    Listening to pregnancy with great interest. As a man who has been through two pregnancies as a ‘passenger’ we feel at our most vulnerable and helpless against our base need to provide and protect.

    Times change and the base needs get refined and developed in some more than others to become partners and play a positive supporting role.

    Not trying to excuse the insulting rhetoric you have received there was no need for it, just trying to explain our first instinct on seeing a pregnant woman in ‘our tribe’ in a flight or fight situation. (Which is why most of us do OCR)

    Really interesting listen.

    Well done.

    • MuddQueenHQ

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. Valid points that we, perhaps, hadn’t considered.