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Join Jojo & Fay as they talk about the year of 2017 and all that has happened and what’s to come.

They talk about MQHQ, Canada, WTM, gush over Margaret Schlachter, secret Santa, the virtual run, and how to say Tikiboo.




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Music: Freeharmonics by The Freeharmonics Orchestra

2 Responses

  1. Shel Aitken

    I had such a giggle at this.
    Unicorns… Faye that’s because your a dick haha
    Tikiboo… ok, I have now said it both ways so many times that I no longer actually know how I say it!!

  2. Lorna Haddon

    This is the first one I have listened to and I have really enjoyed it (minus the phone keep going to sleep on the way to uni). What I liked most is that it was real. It was great hearing you both as you are. Had a good chuckle in a few places too and I liked how you say what is lacking, in events for example…I’d have been cursing about the pizza…probs just because it’s food. As for moving forward It’s hard to say. More of the same of course. Perhaps there may be some merit in doing one aimed at those newer to this world…one where your journeys started or in fact how Emily Red and others (sorry loads too fab to mention) became so amazing!…because everyone started somewhere, they weren’t always these super amazing machines they are now, it can inspire others to see the possible. I’d person like to hear more from Hatti. Love reading her posts and reviews esp the unknown one. Also could you add a permanent link at the top of the fb page so people can access the podcasts at any point?

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