UKMQ Muddcast: Winter Racing

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Join us on this months ramble as Jojo and Ami talk about winter racing: what you should think about wearing; how to tackle the cold; what to do after. Also, uber nerd and Mudd Queen, Becky Neal joins Jojo for a … Continued

UKMQ Muddcast: December Motivation

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This month Jojo and Ami have a ramble about December and the dastardly motivation dip that could occur. Apologies for some minor sound quality issues a bit later on in the podcast. We’re still learning!     And we’re on … Continued

UKMQ Muddcast: Emily Red

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In this episode, you’ll find us talking to the unassuming but awesome, Emily Red. We talk about her journey to Worlds Toughest Mudder 2016 in Vegas, the power of red leaves, amongst other things :p And we’re on iTunes!! Check … Continued

MQ Secret Santa Returns!

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Well knock me sideways with a feather…. it’s that time of year again (well, it’s not really, but MQ’s think it is!). The ever popular MQ Secret Santa is back and is likely to be bigger than ever. Last year … Continued

UKMQ Muddcast: Women at Worlds

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This episode, Jojo and Ami talk about potential women to watch at the 2016 OCR World Championships Canada. Whilst most of the women they talk about are signed up, some were not entered at the time of recording. And we’re … Continued

UKMQ Muddcast!!!

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Mudd Queens are entering the podcasting world to bring you more ways to have a conversation. Our pilot episode is hosted by Jojo (MQHQ) and Ami (ThisGirlDid), an introductory ramble on who we are and what we plan to do. … Continued

MQ Secret Santa!

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Who said the C-word??? Ok, so they are now selling penguin pants in M&S which means Christmas is upon us. After the massive success of last year’s MQ secret santa we’re braving the spread sheets yet again to bring a … Continued

Hello world!

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Well check us out – writing blogs and everything. Can you tell we’re not very good at this? Bear with us whilst we write something for you – we promise it’s going to be good (ok, no we don’t, we … Continued