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This Girl Did

Meet Ami - MQ OCR extraordinaire and general Queen of awesomeness. Ami not only entertains the group with her "Ami-isms" ("Ermagerd!") she was also behind the amazing #bodybucketlist movement and inspired us ladies to let go of those body hang-ups. Ever wonder why all those leg-selfies kept appearing on your newsfeed? Yup, this girl started that. Check out her blog for inspiration, hair tips, and occasional pictures of her lovely cheeky puppy. 

Kind of like a sheep-poo


Dirt In Your Skirt


Meet our friend from across the pond, Margaret Schlachter.

Jojo and Lucy have been fangirling over this women since they started doing OCR. She's the first women to go pro, she has her own blog, she's an author, and now a podcaster talking to awesome women about the awesome things they do. You'll usually find her covering big races for Mud Run Guide as well as posting about all the crazy fun stuff she gets up to. Her blog is authentically honest and thought-inducing - it is a must read!

Explore. Conquer. Inspire

Ego Satis

Meet Hatti. This girl is h-i-larious. Her blog posts are guaranteed to cheer you up, but be warned, she may bring a tear to your eye with how sweet she is. Hatti's now back from the USA, thank goodness.

Sweet baby cheesits!


Mud is my makeup

Introducing Francesca. Running OCR since 2013, she has become obsessed with all things OCR. She's even featured on our Muddcast about her pregnancy and running Spartan with the little bump. Ghost squad and TV presenter, she has LOTS going on.

Mud is my makeup