Delivery & Returns

Delivery: Delivery charges apply and are based on size and weight of items ordered. We aim to dispatch items within 7 days of purchase but generally manage it within 2 days because we know you need MQ merch in your life. We’re writing this in our MQ onesies and tiaras 🙂

Returns: Here’s the awkward bit – you can return items BUT there are some stipulations:
• You have 14 days from receiving the item/s to cancel
• You have 14 days from cancelling to return the item/s
• We have 14 days from receiving any returned items to replace or refund (exceptions may apply but we’ll keep you updated…promise!)
• It must be returned in the same condition it was received
• Pop a note in with it so we know it’s from you

What if I don’t like it?
Technically, we don’t have to refund you your item just because you don’t like it but that sucks! The above time stipulations apply, the address can be found below, and postage will not be refunded. However, if it’s personalised it won’t be refunded unless there is a genuine fault. Also, help us out by providing a little feedback on why you don’t like it so we can try and make MQ shiz better in the future.

What if it’s faulty?
If your item/s arrives and faulty, we’ll be gutted! Let us know as soon as possible, provide photos, and whatever you do…DON’T USE IT!! If it’s a manufacturing fault, send it back so we can investigate with the manufacturer directly. All manufacturing faults will be refunded and so will return postage – don’t forget to keep hold of the proof of postage, we’ll need it!

What if you sent me the wrong item?
If we send you the wrong item, we will be wholeheartedly sorry! Let us know immediately so we can send you the correct item. Whatever you do…DON’T USE IT!! Please return the item to us as it was received, and of course, we will refund the postage – keep hold of the proof of postage, how else will we know how much you had to spend.

Who’s responsible for returns?
You are! Well, until it lands with us. We cannot do anything unless items are returned to us (unless otherwise agreed). Tracking services are recommended so you know it got to us. PLEASE make sure the items being returned are as they were received, used items will not be refunded (unless otherwise agreed).
Phew, glad that’s over! Here’s our returns address we hope you NEVER have to use:


UK MUDD QUEENS LTD, Langford Bridge Farm, Ongar Road, Brentwood, Essex, CM15 0LB


If you have any questions, feedback, or just fancy dropping us a line, email us at, PM us on Facebook, or the ‘Contact Us’ form.

Much love,